ZAS G20 is the first Macedonian electrical vehicle, officially promoted today in Park Hotel & Spa, in the cosy atmosphere of restaurant Four. 

Catching the eye of the public, by presenting a Fiat 600 version obtained by restoring of old timers and restoring the conventional engines into electrical ones, ZAS G20 perfectly suited the ambient of Four Restaurant but most important of all, the mission of Park Hotel and Spa to continuously support eco sustainable and energy efficient projects.

The team of BB classic cars has created a very successful story and we wish them a lot of success in future.

Park Hotel and Spa will continue raising awareness for creating an eco friendly environment.

A station for charging electrical vehicles is already in use in the scope of the hotel, disposable for all of our guests and partners, being the first hotel of its kind in Macedonia.

We believe in the future of green mobility region and encourage others to get involved in these trends for keeping the environment safe.

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