24 July, Skopje – At today’s press conference, Parkland Hospitality Group proudly presented its newest member – Next Door Park Hotel, which with its character and combination of millennial spirit and boldness presents a refreshing view for Skopje. Next Door Park Hotel, a 4-star hotel is the new member of this group and at the same time, a new chapter of the success story called Parkland Hospitality Group. At the press conference, held in the premises of the new hotel, the owners and the General Manager of Parkland Hospitality Group stated:

“I would like to express my utmost pleasure and honor that our ideas, efforts, and investments continue to further set Skopje shoulder to shoulder with the other world capitals that are leaders in the hospitality industry. This investment of new 6,5 million euros, through which we confirm and continue the successfully commenced story in this industry for 3 years now” – stated Enver Maliqi, founder of the Gemak group, whereas Altin Maliqi, co-owner of the Gemak group and the main culprit for the success of the already well-known Park Hotel & Spa amongst all other added:

„Next Door Park Hotel presents a sort of channel through which we implement all our new ideas, experiences, and needs that are simply missing in our city. Next Door Park Hotel is a continuation of the vision, in that way offering our visitors a broader spectrum of choice in terms of character and tastes, all that through high-quality service, based on world standards..”.

The General Manager of the hotel, Panagiotis Kolokathis as a longtime expert in this domain shared the secret of high quality and service: “This is proof that we are not afraid to experiment, seek advice and opinions from our clients and strive towards more. People and guests recognize us, recognize our value and that which is most important to us is their loyalty, trust and for them to return here again and again”.

The hotel is located on the very bank of the river Vardar, just a step from its sister company and the already renowned Park Hotel & Spa. The hotel has 64 rooms and a capacity of 150 guests. Each and every room has a different story and another style enabling the guests to choose their accommodation to suit their style. The already existing and distinguished Brick Eat, apart from the roles so far of a place of party and fun, from now on in a new role and completely new appearance, in line with all world trends in every aspect, from healthy and fit food to delicious Mediterranean specialties which combined with the modern interior are an experience that must be tried. The luxurious terrace and ambiance at the riverbank create pleasant moments and a calm atmosphere even during the truly warm, summer days.

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