Dear guests,

As we are all facing changes in our personal and professional environments due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, we stay fully committed to maintaining the highest standards, services, and safety protocols. Here at Parkland, the health, safety, and well-being of our employees, guests and visitors have always represented a priority. Now, even more than ever!

For the said purpose, following all the recommendations and precaution measures issued by the relevant institutions, we have implemented additional protocols and measures in order to offer maximum protection and a safe environment for our people. That being said:

  • We established a special internal COVID-19 crisis team active 24/7, in charge of implementing and monitoring all new regulations and recommendations
  • The team has elaborated special procedures for the functioning of all separate departments i.e. kitchen, restaurants, bars, conference rooms, reception, rooms, and housekeeping
  • All employees have undergone detailed training for utilizing all safety and maintenance procedures
  • We perform regular and controlled sanitizing and disinfection of all external and internal premises
  • We established safety check-up points around all premises and entrances for temperature check-ups, for staff and all visitors entering the building
  • There is a rule for mandatory face masks and gloves for all our staff
  • Premises are marked for social distancing and sanitizers available for all guests and staff
  • Make my room service upon request, available 24/7
  • Reception desk and maintenance at disposal for all issues and interventions

Because our guests and clients deserve the best.

We remain your true, safe and loyal partner in all your upcoming individual and professional paths.

For any assistance contact us on or +389 70 377-948

We are in this together.

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