Running is one of the preferred activities for people who visit Skopje and people who live in Skopje, it is an easy activity to do and enjoy with a lot of benefits health wise. A person that wants to pursue this kind of activity does not have to be equipped with any kind of expensive gear; the only things that are needed for a successful run are a pair of good running shoes.

People prefer running because of the wonderful weather and the calming view which the river Vardar has to offer. The most popular running path in Skopje is by the river Vardar, the path is specially designed for cyclists and runners. Even if you are not a runner the path is perfect for a long and healthy walk which of course is good for you whole body and mind. This is an age where people are mostly concerned with remaining fit and running definitely contributes to how the body feels and looks as well as the minds wellbeing.

Park Hotel & Spa is a big fan of running and all kind of sport activities. Located by the most popular running path in Skopje, Park Hotel & Spa is always supporting sport events like “Wizz Air Skopje marathon” – the biggest sport event in Macedonia (for more information visit,
„Business run“ a running event that has team building character (see more on the link, “Skopje run 10km” (more for this event etc.
While staying at Park Hotel & Spa don’t miss the opportunity to take a walk or run by the river Vardar.

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