Albanian taste

Incredible mixture of food and cultures is what made the event “Albanian taste”, which was the first of its kind in Macedonia. The event was very successful project organized by the agency Dynamic, which by far has already proven as a success in Austria, Kosovo, Albania and Switzerland, and as of this year also in Macedonia. Park Hotel & Spa was the first host of this event.

The restaurant’s unique and modern style turned out to be the right choice for an event of such kind. Seven traditional Albanian dishes, 5 top chefs from Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia among whom the chef Faruk Neziri, Chef Perparin Babalija, Chef Sokol Prenga and Chef Armand Kikino, the whole team of professionals as well as the master chef at the restaurant Four Eleftherios Dalagiorgos shared their experiences and prepared delicious traditional specialties. The best Macedonian wines additionally enriched the taste of the carefully chosen menu.

Among the guests that were present at the “Albanian taste” were the President of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Talat Xhafer, the deputy mayor of Skopje Mr.Enver Maliqi, Mr.Izet Medziti, Mr.Valon Saracini as well as his Excellency Mr.Fatos Reka, the Albanian ambassador in Macedonia.

The event was supported by Park Hotel & Spa, WesternUnion and Neptun.

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